Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Long time no look....

Hey everybuddy! It's been a while I know, I went on a "business trip" to Aspen a few weeks ago and got snowed in. It was kind of like that Cuba Gooding Jr. film Snow Dogs. You know, cuz of all the snow. But yeh, I made like six figures that weekend. That is, I made six SNOWMEN!!!!! AHHHH, prank alert! But the ironic thing is that since I'm such a big name in the contemporary art world and whatever I sold all the snowmen for about $20,ooo each to naive dilettante trust fund art school students. So yeh, I LITERALLY made six figures on selling six "figures"! So that's about all, I've got serious jet lag right now. Time to catch some Zzzzzzzz's (not to be confused with the popular blog sensation that's sweeping the nation, "Catching some Zzzzzzz's (with one less "z")). If you need me I'll have both of my blueteeth on my hear-holes. Only 2 days left to Christmas! (Screw you advent calendar! My hunger for chocolate determines what day it is!!!!!)

god is love, xo xo

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