Sunday, January 17, 2010

PET PEEVES!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ

yo guys time to go thru my pet peevz sintz you guyz wanna know so damn badz. i made them extra sassy.

10. French ticklers- it's like, hellloooooo, this isn't the 90's!

9. Amish people- it's like, hellooooo, just cuz you fanatic don't mean you gotta be stanky.

8. Racism- it's like, helllooooooo, this isn't the 90's!

7. People saying "Chucktown". Seriously bro, just cuz you can say it, doesn't mean you should, or that it will get you laid.

6. dmb- more like dUmb, am i right?

5. high school suessical- just because you can combine two things, doesn't mean you necessarily should, even though it hasn't been done yet.

4. Janjaweed- Go around raping and pillaging? yeh, you're cool....

3. Farting in hospitals- Just cuz it's a hospital you think everything goes? guess what, it doesn't.

2. Banishing Jews and Muslims from the Iberian peninsula. it's like, hellllloooooooo, this isn't the 1490's...

1. Saying "and whatnot" after describing something. IT MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE A PEASANT! DON'T YOU KNOW THAT!

dedicated in loving mammary to Kristen Fabian

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