Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some Housekeeping...

So there's been a lot talk regarding my blogging around the office, and I just thought that I would clear some things up (before the tabloids jump on it like elephants on a peanut). All of my blogs from now on will conclude with the catchphrase, "god is love, xo xo." Yeh, made it up myself, no big deal. The reason being my friend, let's call her Margaret, was effin' with my shitzu! I was like Day-um girl, why you gotta be postin' blogs like Perez all the times! (that's Rosie Perez! she won the Oscar for It Could Happen to You! You been livin' under a rock?) But yeh, she fabricatin' sheez like that guy that Oprah exposed on national television. Man oh man, she exposed that joker like Justin exposed Janet. It broke my heart into a million little pieces. It also broke my hearth into a million little pieces (don't ask, I got BURNED UP...). But this blog is basically about MAGARET and her nasty lil habit of ghost writing and ergo undermining my ever expanding BLOGIVERSE! I don't need no Cyrano de Bergerac. I aint bout to start fakin' it willy nilly like Milli Vanilli. You see, these are rhymes only I could concoct. So feast joyful readers! On my succulent prose, that I guarantee you is my own and no one else's own. CAPEESH!?!?!?!

god is love, xo xo

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